Moldova to visit Peter in the Peace Corps
March 4-11, 2006

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Moldova from the airplane - a foot of snow Moldova from the airplane - note how the houses all have farming space Mom and Son hug (went for a long time) Peter learns to shave Peace Corps Volunteer Dinner: Peter, Malise, Ann, Leigh, Shie El Paso Fajitas
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Peace Corps Volunteer Dinner: Malise, Ann, Leigh, Shie The Peace Corp Volunteers: Peter, Ann, Malise, Shie, Leigh, Meg, Levi, Priya, Shawn, Charlie St. Stefan cel Mare park (row of poets) Clearing snow in St. Stefan cel Mare park Clearing snow in St. Stefan cel Mare park - check out the broom Church in central Chisinau
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Fountain in st. Stefan cel Mare park Peter's first host family in Costesti: Ann, Vladimir, Veronica. Mila, Tudor, Lilia Lilia, Serghei, and baby Alexandro, Peter, Ann Tudor and Serghei's baby Alexandro Costesti family shot Costesti family shot